Hi, I'm Abigail!

Wannabe graphic designer, currently operating as creative officer and social media manager for EmployabilityUK.

Everything I do is mostly self taught, as I am a uni flunker. I have a Foundation in Art & Design, a BTEC Level 2 (D*) in Art & Design, and a Level 6 (the Equivalent of an A-Level A, I think) in art from the International Baccalaureate.

I've worked in a lot of customer facing and management roles for the last 10 years (Pubs. Lots and lots of pubs.), but my heart was always in art. I've worked closely with small businesses to produce designs for them to use, or free logo and CV design for those who are trying to get their businesses off the ground, or want to get back into the world of work.

Fun Fact: My first "paid" client was in 2017, and they paid me in the form of a 20" pizza for myself and my uni friends as we couldn't afford food.

Computer literate, adapts to any and all design programs (currently using Affinity Designer because I am broke). Excellent written English.


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