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  1. 14 Oct
    Robert Herring
    Commented on AI product design exploration by fantasy for rokid

    I feel like this should be the next evolution of Siri.

  2. 3 Oct
    Robert Herring
    Commented on Flower / Owl

    I like it, but I see a little flower pixie, or a tree nymph, or an elf.

  3. 23 Sep
    Robert Herring
    Commented on Columns Fundraising™

    Ultimately the client gets what the client pays for, but I'm with @Doc Reed, I feel like the mark is much more balanced with the flame element.

    Personal thoughts: I feel like the angle of the shading on the upper two sections (below the bowl) should match the overall angle of the shadow cast on the column. Other than that... I think this is amazing. I love seeing your use of implied shading. So complex, and yet so simple.

  4. 19 Sep
    Robert Herring
    Commented on Particle - MDS site refresh

    Digging the site.

  5. 19 Sep
    Robert Herring
    Commented on New Job - Cornett


  6. 19 Sep
    Robert Herring
    Commented on Decisions, Decisions...

    I think you're making the correct next step, getting unbiased, outside opinions, without swaying their thoughts. Also, it might good to combine parts of the different logos that people like, to "possible" create one phenomenal logo that everyone LOVES.

    I personally like the shield and magnifying glass from Row 2 - Column 4, and the magnification of the "A" AND the fact that it has the line in it from Row 1 - Column 3.

    Hope that helps. :)

  7. 16 Sep
    Robert Herring
    Followed mds.
  8. 15 Sep
    Robert Herring
    Commented on #MakeItBetter: Dribbble

    I've actually played with this myself here on dribbble. All it needs is some position: sticky; along with top:0; applied to #header. The header is already semitransparent, so it already looks great the way it is.

  9. 13 Sep
    Robert Herring
    Commented on Monogram Sketch study for BCI

    @Ben Stafford It would also look amazing in stained glass above the front door.

    I'm picturing a Savannah style antebellum home with a solid oak front door that has a monogrammed stained glass above it, and wrought iron fencing around the house that has this logo intertwined and staggered all the way down.