1. IPAG - Business School blog events course international business school commerce business school website design website
    IPAG - Business School
  2. YUM - Food app ui logo branding expenses shopping budget fridge food app app food
    YUM - Food app
  3. Kocliko - Optimization solutions improvement performance buldings solutions energy database dataviz data graphic startup
    Kocliko - Optimization solutions
  4. Job website candidate entreprise job listing search filters job application job board apply uxdesign job
    Job website
  5. Eye tracking on a woman observation workshop eye tracking blues winter trip blue woman illustration map
    Eye tracking on a woman
  6. Women at a festival music festival summer yellow observe workshop uxdesign illustration blue pink
    Women at a festival
  7. Woman with an eye tracking workshop user test phone device woman blue illustration ux design uxdesign eye tracking
    Woman with an eye tracking
  8. UX workshop clients people work ux design uxdesign workshop
    UX workshop
  9. Burger King - Mobile App delivery app delivery fastfood food burger menu mobile app mobile burger king
    Burger King - Mobile App
  10. Cactus 🌵 prick cactus plant pots leaves green plants vector orange illustration design
    Cactus 🌵
  11. Press Page | Daily UI fashion article page media press page press blog purple feminine design ui dailyui daily ui
    Press Page | Daily UI
  12. Job listing | Daily UI search bar tag apply search web job application listing list job job listing design dailyui daily ui
    Job listing | Daily UI
  13. Favourites | Daily UI paris liked recently liked tourism like favorites favorite favourites design dailyui daily ui
    Favourites | Daily UI
  14. Info card | Daily UI offers buy location home new offer price house information card information design info card card information ui dailyui daily ui
    Info card | Daily UI
  15. Food Menu | Daily UI design menu card foodie food app drink drinks menu food menu menu food and drink orange food dailyui daily ui
    Food Menu | Daily UI
  16. Testimonials | Daily UI sun testimonial testimonials surf school water sea ocean summer comments surfing surf blue ui dailyui daily ui
    Testimonials | Daily UI
  17. Calendar | Daily UI calendar design week month todolist todo calendar app calendar ui design dailyui daily ui
    Calendar | Daily UI
  18. Special Offer | Daily ui pop-up popup offers promotions sales food special offer green tea offer dailyui daily ui
    Special Offer | Daily ui
  19. Car interace | Daily UI car app product car product car rental card car interface car rent ui blue dailyui daily ui
    Car interace | Daily UI
  20. Crowdfunding Campaign | Daily UI n°32 project planet earth our planet planet earth campaign crowdfunding campaign crowdfunding green ui dailyui daily ui
    Crowdfunding Campaign | Daily UI n°32
  21. File upload | Daily UI n°31 blue uploading uploads upload file upload file design ui dailyui daily ui
    File upload | Daily UI n°31
  22. Pricing hint | Daily UI restaurant app restaurant orange food app ui add pricing hint pricing page pricing price menu bowl special offers offers japan eat food app ui food dailyui daily ui
    Pricing hint | Daily UI
  23. Contact us | Daily UI yellow blue work informations appointment contact page contact us contact photographer photography photo daily ui 028 dailyui daily ui
    Contact us | Daily UI
  24. Dropdown & Search | Daily UI filter green yellow selector dropdown filters search jewerly clothes vintage dailyui 027 dailyui daily ui
    Dropdown & Search | Daily UI
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