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Sketch MTL is the Montreal Sketch App community. When we are not on slack, we gather during awesome events in MTL. Come join us!

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Sketch MTL event #03 slides

December 07, 2017

Some slides I made for our Sketch MTL event named "Design, Prototype, Share!". I had the opportunity to work with the talented @michael Descharles who did the illustration and the beautiful color palette. See full animation loop here: h...

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Sketch MTL Event #02 — Poster

September 19, 2017

Just sharing this while preparing our next event for Sketch MTL! Can't wait to find our new theme and hear great speakers talking about their processes. This one was obviously: Teamwork! Sketch MTL is the Montréal bilingual community o...

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Betterfasterstronger dribbble

Better, Faster, Stronger!

August 01, 2017

An early sketch for the event artwork I created for Sketch MTL. I really like the brush roughness, but I finally rewrite the three words for the final version, for the sake of readability with borders!

Cover sketchmtl dribbble

Sketch MTL Event #02

August 01, 2017

Hey Dribbblers :) Here is the artwork I made for our next Sketch MTL Event, named "Better, Faster and Stronger Teamwork". The inspiration was obviously the so-cool retro look from the 80's that is used on some Kanye and Daft Punk artwor...

SketchMTL - Kick-Off Meetup Visuals

May 29, 2017

Some alternative visuals I made for our first SketchMTL Meetup: "We <3 Sketch". You speak french, you are in MTL, available on June 7th? Come join us, grab a beer, have a slice of pizza, and share about Sketch App! https://www.event...

SketchMTL - Kick-Off Meetup Poster

May 29, 2017

Hey folks! Super happy to announce our first SketchMTL Meetup in Montreal and to share with you the poster I made for the event! You speak french, you are in MTL, available on June 7th? Come join us, grab a beer, have a slice of pizza, ...

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SketchMTL illustration

May 08, 2017

This is an illustration I've made for the cover picture of our SketchMTL Facebook page. For those who are not familiar with Montreal landscape, this is our famous Farine Five Roses sign! You are a designer in Montreal, you use or want t...

Sketchmtl logoanimation looped texture

SketchMTL logo

May 08, 2017

Allô! Très heureux de vous annoncer la venue de notre nouvelle communauté Sketch à Montréal! Nous sommes présentement sur Slack mais allons aussi organiser des meetups et workshops le plus fréquemment possible! Nous offrons aussi des for...