ACB businesscard

January 23, 2020

Business cards made for ATELIER CONSTANT BERGER. -- EPIC Agency I Twitter I Instagram

Atelier Constant Berger 02

August 07, 2019

The second illustration for presentation of business and people. Hope we will see other illustrations from this collaboration soon.

Atelier Constant Berger 01

August 07, 2019

Really happy to help my dear friend launching her own distillery business with my illustrations. That also makes me get used to iPad pro and its pencil.

Distillerie Constant Berger - Packaging

October 17, 2018

Without any bottles, how are you going to sell your delicious genever ?!


Distillerie Constant Berger - Branding

October 17, 2018

Branding of a friend's genever distillery.

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