Logo suite

January 09, 2018

Side type

December 21, 2016

MultiMarkDown Mark

March 03, 2014

I really liked @dustin curtis' logo for Markdown, so I figured I'd adapt it for MultiMarkDown, the powerful superset of MarkDown.

Olivier Garcia Redesign

August 26, 2013

I really like the concept that Olivier has designed but think that a bolder monogram would be more effective. This is my interpretation.

Taptanium (Logo Redesign)

July 09, 2013

This is an unsolicited identity redesign I did for @Franz (Taptanium). I was inspired by his new app Thunderspace. To see the current logo and process, check the attachment.

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Animated VHS Identity Bumper

May 15, 2013

Animation Here This is a project inspired by the work of PBS, @Colorcubic and the identity bumpers of the ’70s and ’80s found on VHS tapes long forgotten. That whooshing sound in the background is me blowing into a microphone.

Launch Day!

March 25, 2013

At long last, my website, elischiff.com, is here. Check it out today and keep an eye out for new content on the blog soon! I want to thank a few people in particular for their help and assistance in making this site: @Virginia Poltrack,...


December 22, 2012

A logo I made for my friend @Virginia Poltrack. She's for hire for illustrations and web design. (It ended up looking more like LA than VA, oh welp.)