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by Eli Schiff

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Abstracted Icon

(This isn't the actual glyph. Just a placeholder.)

January 04, 2017

Group 6

Server Icon Redesign

December 28, 2016

OurDiscussion Icon

This exploration combines messaging and discussion apps to help you get answers quickly from experts and friends, while subscribing to your favorite topics.

December 14, 2016

Speaker Icon Draft

November 23, 2016

Remote Redux 2011-2016

In 2011 I decided to draw my own iOS theme called Origin, and one of the first icons I drew (middle) was a replacement for the Remote app (left). In 2016 I d...

June 16, 2016

Tiny Toggle

Wanted to see how @James McDonald's toggle might look as a dimensional icon, rather than a glyph.

June 09, 2016


It turns out this icon will not be used in the Quitter app, but you can download the .icns here. Here were some design changes I made to the initial icon: ...

May 16, 2016