Jolocom t-shirts

June 28, 2019

Devil is in the details. Soul is in the human touch and handcraft! Every edition of Jolocom t-shirts has a new number hidden between lines... on one of lines: a number of the latest git commit to our open source dev library. Besides e...

Final part of Jolocom case study

November 18, 2018

Update from 19 Nov: the case study is ready 🔥 - check it on Behance ___________________________ It’s almost THAT Big day! Finally, tomorrow I’ll publish the case study on Behance. Today sharing the last parts of it - website redesign....

Hypothesis-driven design - next part of the case study

October 29, 2018

Update from 19 Nov: the case study is ready 🔥 - check it on Behance ___________________________ __________________________________ I should have predicted Web3Summit will not allow me to keep the planned timeline for proceeding with cas...

Jolocom rebranding: case study is coming

October 20, 2018

Update from 19 Nov: the case study is ready 🔥 - check it on Behance _________ A big day: the first part of Jolocom visual transformation story is there! There is not that many writing on shot preview, but I attached the original files...

Jolocom rebranding afterbefore nezhynska

Jolocom rebranding: before & after

September 29, 2018

Finally putting my hands on Jolocom rebranding case study for portfolio update! Will share with community WIP parts of it. Very excited to publish it completely as it is my first in-house product rebranding (accept Chimera Prime and Upn...

Jolocom: selected Icons

September 05, 2018

Showing an extract of Jolocom icons sheet I have created so far. The greatest “reward” was to meet Christopher Allen in person and hear: “Hey, I love those icons! Can I have them as a set to use later?” I mean… Well, portability and int...

Jolocom - Hero image for Solution page

July 25, 2018

Finally-finally! Few days left... 3 weeks ago we set a goal: to redesign our web site from zero and make it ready by Decentralized Web Summit in San Fransisco where our developers runs workshops on identity solutions. From story telli...

Jolocom - introduction screens

July 04, 2018

Branding workshop, visual language pilot (testing visual direction on a pitch deck for SXSW 2018), collateral for Re:publica Berlin, service design workshop with stakeholders and partners, and finally… updated app on Google Play. (Disc...

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