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  1. 26 Apr Pro
    Commented on Giorgio's Bakery

    Thanks for nice comments @Lukas Majzlan , @Dalibor Hajdinjak , @Nikita Crezter , @Ramotion , @Thắng VH , @Oxygenna , @Egor Lazarev ⦿ , @Audrey Alexandre , @Nicolas RIVIERE

    @Lukas Majzlan Inspiration is always good right... I always loved that design style and those kind of projects if you know my history :)

    @Ramotion You might be right yeah, maybe its a bit an overkill with all the stuff around but again it was a purpose of doing that... I agree it does create a bit of distraction from the content.

  2. 26 Apr Pro
    Commented on Interior Construction Company - homepage

    Love it ! Clean, fresh and green...