Pactio Keynote Deck

June 18, 2018

Journalists, help Pactio pay you and rebuild trust in Journalism. Hey everyone, sharing with you some Slides I had the chance to work on for a Keynote, related to Pactio, showing which is the problem and the product itself in this case....

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Responsive Views

June 13, 2018

Responsive views for the About us Page on the left side and Journalist overview on the right. Checkout the live page Some insights for the Overview As you can see, I used the icons previously shared here in the overview, because the ...

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About Us

June 12, 2018

Hi everyone, sharing here the About Us page I designed for Pactio. It's pretty straightforward and the goal was not only to show the brand and what Pactio is about, but also more insights about the CEO and CCO of the company, adding some...

Pactio Styleguide 1.0

May 23, 2018

Been collecting all the UI Elements I have been using for Pactio, the Platform where people can better connect with and directly fund the work of vetted journalists around a shared, almost contractual idea of a pact. Still working on it,...

Pactio Teaser

March 27, 2018

Journalists, help us pay you — and rebuild trust in journalism. Our mission explained. Here is a teaser of what Pactio is going to be. Excited to share with you part of this new project I'm working on with the team over there. The Publi...