Sippo website

December 09, 2015

Hey there, I want to wrap up this project, so I wanted to share some more details. As a freelance designer I was hired to work on the Sippo iOS only. Unfortunately I was not part of the website design, but there were few reasons behin...

Sippo Analytics

December 02, 2015

Hey there these are the analytics pages inside the Sippo App. The left graph is the Drink log. Here the user can see their hydration improvements in a graphical form. The right one is Weight report. Studies have shown that water consum...

Dark Vs Light

December 01, 2015

Hey, so this is the homepage of the Sippo Smart Cup iOS app. The big blue circle that feels up is your daily goal and underneath are your 3 latest water consumptions. So there is no scroll and you can find more data about your water c...



November 30, 2015

And this is how you pare your sippo cup. There are also screen like what happens when pairing fails and obviously when you pair your Sippo for the first time there is no data yet on your dashboard, but I wanted to include a one with the...

Set your time

Set Your Time

November 30, 2015

Hey would love to hear your thought about this screen. So basically this was a bit challenging. On one screen before the user is asked to tap if he want's to use the Sippo cup the whole day or at specific period of time. Based on that...

Select weight

Select Weight

November 30, 2015

Hey, this is a simple weight selector on the onboarding screen that calculates your daily consumption based on your weight. Check out the attachment for better quality. Happy Monday!

Walkthrough Illustrations

November 29, 2015

Hey, Those are few simple illustration that I created for the walkthrough of the Sippo app to introduce the app and it's purpose to the user.

Sippo Smart Cup

November 27, 2015

Hey there, for past few months I have been very busy working on few interesting projects. One of them was Sippo - a smart cup that knows how much you have had to drink and reminds you when you forget. I was responsible for user experie...

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