Billboard idea

April 03, 2015

Hey there, trying to do create the last thing for the coffee shop project, a nice landing page. And while I was playing around a quick idea for the branding came to my mind so I tried it out. What do you think? Cheers

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Discover swipe

Discover Swipe

April 03, 2015

Hey there, a personal project is always a never ending story, so this is my last attempt to the Watch concept and since this whole "Coffee House" app is just an personal experiment it's time to put it on a side :) Cheers.

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March 31, 2015

A invitation pop-up for the coffee shop project. The personal project turned out quite well, so I can't wait to start sharing new things! Cheers!

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Watch notifications

March 29, 2015

Hey there, So I got some great feedback on dribbble which helped me to improve my Apple Watch design knowledge. I was playing around over the weekend with the different notifications you can get. Those are just some ideas, but I was t...

Watch notifications

Watch Notifications

March 27, 2015

Hey there, I deleted the old watch concept and updated it with a new one. A user get's a notification when there are coffee shops around them and based on that, he can decide to check out quick details, like story, photos, location and...

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March 20, 2015

Hey there, so the last part of the coffee app for news and tips. Showing you the transition between the news page and the article itself. This is a personal project only and used for learning and experimenting purposes. I still have so...

News tips animated8x6 small

News Tips Animated

March 15, 2015

Hey there! so here it is, if you saw my previous shoot of the Coffee news and tips now you can finally see it animated. I'm also working already on a second animation for the article itself. And since this is a personal project only, i...

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News And Tips

March 06, 2015

Hey there, My last few shots were more about exploring After Effects and user interactions, but the personal project which I created just for fun started to grow on me, so I'm currently exploring couple more options what do with it. O...

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