Days walkthorugh

Days - Night Mode

January 14, 2017

Hey, showing some user flow from the Days app with the Night Mode on, that we introduced in the last update. Cheers

Days premium

Days upgrade flow

January 12, 2017

Hey there, we are doing some updates to the Days app. One of them is the different business model and an in-app purchase to upgrade Days to Premium. Selecting find out more opens up a flow to discover all new features, before user decid...

Days - App ratings

January 11, 2017

App rating can positively or negatively affect how people discover apps. In most common cases apps are “begging” for ratings, which has a negative impact on the app itself. A customers experience can easily be interrupted. And a common ...

App store

Days on app store

February 17, 2015

Hey there! So everyone who want's to put their hand on the Days, it is available worldwide today. For those who don't know yet, Days is a beautiful countdown to all the events that matter to you. Whether it's a wedding, a holiday or ju...


Days website

February 16, 2015

Hey there! Since I've got such a great feedback from you guys on the Days app, I want to share with you the last part of this journey, before the app goes live tomorrow :) I was in charge for the design, developing and coding the websi...



February 16, 2015

Hey there! Inspired by the google material design I wanted to bring some new interactions to the app and generate a unique user experience. Let me know what you think and check out the video from the live version. Cheers!


Creating new event

February 16, 2015

Hey there! For past month's I worked with an awesome developer together to bring this app to live. Since we were only two guys in the team I think we made a good job, so I can't wait that the app goes live tomorrow. All the interaction...

Share event

Share Event

February 15, 2015

Hey there! For past month's I worked with an amazing developer to bring this app to live and since we were only two guys I think the result's are pretty goo. The screen you're looking at is an share feature, where you can share your u...

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