1. My vintage logo

  2. An eclectic logo for an eclectic client.

  3. Shavano has arrived, available at finer typography stores.

  4. Rough and ready; Shavano!

  5. Liberty and justice for all.

  6. Organic Cotton the font, fresh, clean, no GMOs.

  7. Hand drawn lettering for real estate broker logo.

  8. New 2016 logo for me

  9. Hand lettering exploratory for logo

  10. Lettering exploration for WGNA Outsiders tv show.

  11. Brush hand lettered Wyoming Tourism logo

  12. Hand drawn lettering for Branson MO log.

  13. Logo for city of Alpharetta, Georgia

  14. Graphik Creative - Vintage style logo

  15. Dry brush hand lettering for self promotion.

  16. Hand drawn lettering for Water Valley ad campaign.

  17. Moderne Vintage Rocks!

  18. Small tweaks to my existing logo.

  19. Uptown dry brush script

  20. Americanna style lettering for hard cider label

  21. Vintage style logo - final tweaking

  22. Brushing Up lettering exploration

  23. Hand lettering for Mr.Black Spirits event

  24. Hand lettering logo for swim wear company

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