Typostories - Vol 25

December 11, 2018

Put together this one while listening to this banger. Today's fonts are Lyno Jean and Brown. As usual, check the attachments and stay tuned for more ✌️

Typostories - Vol 24 animation

December 05, 2018

Just a little animation from yesterday's TypoStory. Stay tuned for more! ✌️

Typostories - Vol 24

December 04, 2018

TypoStory #24 is hear for all the sneakerheads out there. Today's fonts are Lyno + Futura (obviously). As usual, check the attachments for some extra details. ✌️

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Typostories - Vol 22

November 28, 2018

Typostory #22 is here. Today's fonts: Brewery Black & Decima Mono Italic. Open the attachments if you wanna know how to win at life ✌️

Typostory - vol 21

November 12, 2018

Another Monday, another TypoStory. This time I've used a quote from Mad Max Fury Road and decided to go Shiny and Chrome as Immortan Joe would have wanted. Fonts used: Kasja and Pano Bold. As usual, check the attachments, and have a gr...

Typostories - Vol 20

November 09, 2018

25 years today ago Wu Tang dropped Enter the Wu Tang (36 Chambers) and today they're releasing a documentary about the making of the album. A quick Wu TypoStory seemed to me like the minimum I could do to celebrate such a day. Fonts us...

Typostories   vol 19

Typostories - Vol 19

November 07, 2018

I've rewatched Do The Right Thing lately and decided to put together this little tribute to Sal's Famous Pizzeria. Today's fonts are Bosly Script and Romana Ultra. As always, check the attachments and have a great day ✌️

Typostories - Vol 18

November 02, 2018

Hi Dribbblers! Quick TypoStory inspired by favorite sneakers supplier Atmos. Today's fonts are Marian Text and Hoboken High. Don't forget to check the attachments, and have a great Friday! ✌️