1. dashboard: task planner web application web app web dashboard to do task team planner planner application app
    View dashboard: task planner
    dashboard: task planner
  2. File manager: dashboard product overview file manager files platform dashboard web app web design app design application
    View File manager: dashboard
    File manager: dashboard
  3. Change-it: home page interface fintech finance visual identity landing page landing web web page web design
    View Change-it: home page
    Change-it: home page
  4. e-learning: home page landingpage landing visual identity web design product page edtech interface web
    View e-learning: home page
    e-learning: home page
  5. Management: App user interface web visual identity user interface interface saas message chat dashboard application app design app
    View Management: App user interface
    Management: App user interface
  6. File manager: dark theme application app design web design web app platform file manager dashboard product
    View File manager: dark theme
    File manager: dark theme
  7. Funden: home page finance product design fintech landing page web header main
    View Funden: home page
    Funden: home page
  8. Stract: online courses mainpage website webdesign webpage web courses landingpage homepage landing page landing
    View Stract: online courses
    Stract: online courses
  9. Tolly: payment details web saas fintech cards finance dashboard user interface product design interface app design app
    View Tolly: payment details
    Tolly: payment details
  10. Coinmaze: online trading platform web fintech finance currency dashboard user interface product design interface app design
    View Coinmaze: online trading platform
    Coinmaze: online trading platform
  11. Oncoin: product page visual design webdesign website web design visual identity product design landing page header fintech finance homepage
    View Oncoin: product page
    Oncoin: product page
  12. Teachzy: Online courses design dashboard cards website web application web user interface site saas product design platform interface education app education edtech design system courses application app design app
    View Teachzy: Online courses
    Teachzy: Online courses
  13. Faircoin: product page website web design visual identity visual design product page landing page homepage header fintech finance
    View Faircoin: product page
    Faircoin: product page
  14. Paybasic: account summary screen app design app application design system interface product design user interface cards dashboard bank banking fintech finance web webdesign website website design payments transfer
    View Paybasic: account summary screen
    Paybasic: account summary screen
  15. Wecode: Sign up get started sign in sign up courses user interface website web application web site saas platform product design interface education platform design system education edtech application app design app
    View Wecode: Sign up
    Wecode: Sign up
  16. Taskee: time tracking web design user interface time time tracker to do team schedule projects product design managing interface insights design system dashboard collaboration cards app task application app design app
    View Taskee: time tracking
    Taskee: time tracking
  17. Taskee: to do list managing team collaboration cards projects insights dashboard design system user interface web application to do app task schedule interface product design app design web design web app application
    View Taskee: to do list
    Taskee: to do list
  18. Music Player | Daily mood light new colors purple round app mobile music player music neomorphic neomorphism gradient inspiration ui
    View Music Player | Daily mood
    Music Player | Daily mood
  19. Redesign for Instagram mobile pink gradient ux ui design
    View Redesign for Instagram
    Redesign for Instagram
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