Cb icons

Coinbase Office Location Icons

October 04, 2018

A few icons I made for our ever growing list of offices around the world. We're looking to hire product and brand designers, hit me up if you want more details. *not all locations are done cooking, nor are they all locations...

Discover Cryptocurrency

September 27, 2018

Coinbase just launched a bunch of new awesomeness aimed at making crypto easier to understand, access and use and I got to to create some illustrations for a site all about discovering the basics. Want to learn more, start exploring. W...

Dominicflask dangerdom coinbase commerce

Coinbase Commerce Illustrations

August 20, 2018

My first @Coinbase team shot! 🎉 Illustrations for the freshly launched Coinbase Commerce landing page which coincides with a nice little product update. Mad props to @Slava Kim for the page design and Carl Cortright and Tyson Battistel...

The Future Is Now

August 13, 2018

I'm beyond ecstatic to tell you that I have officially joined the product design team @Coinbase as a product and brand illustrator. The future of technology, finance and money are all intersecting in the world of cryptocurrency and it'...