52 Shots – What I Learned in 2017

January 12, 2018

In 2017 I set out to post 52 times. I made it, and then I wrote about what I learned. Read all about it on Medium.

52 forkthis

52/52 – Stick a Fork In It

December 28, 2017

...and...done. 52 things shared this year. Some old, lots new, some weird, plenty blue. For my final post in this series, here are a few random drawings from the "Design Dangerously" talk I gave earlier this year (if anyone is interest...

51/52 – Beam Me Up

December 27, 2017

Honestly, it's been a long and kind of stressful year here. Yet, somehow I've made it through and am looking forward to 2018. Already being beamed aboard some new and exciting adventures, can't wait to see where they take me!

50/52 – Tis the Season For Trucking

December 22, 2017

Another one made with @Jayson Hobby and the homies at Uber Freight. Stay warm out there all you frosty truckers!

48/52 – Apply Within

December 19, 2017

A fun one for @Jayson Hobby and Uber Freight, who by the way...are hiring...

Dominicflask discardpile

47/52 – The Trash Heap

December 18, 2017

End of the year, looking back at a lot of the stuff I've made, and a lot of the stuff I didn't. Here are 25 random sketches of things that didn't quite make the cut, maybe I'll revisit them for something else one day...

46/52 – Blasting Off

December 15, 2017

A little rocket illustration for an interstitial on our business site. For this one it was important to find the right character of the rocket so I initially drew three different ones ranging from playful to realistic. See them all.

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Yelp explorations

45/52 – Wild Photos

December 12, 2017

Some style explorations I did during our most recent Hack Week. If the wildlife is taking the pictures, what are the photos going to be of...