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Illuminati Ice 005 — Mobile UX

July 24, 2017

Still Grinding. Working on mobile versions for this new site. Love to hear what you think in the comments. Liked the look of this 3 column layout on a mobile as i dont need to display that much info. Check out instagram here instagram....

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Live Tweet UX Page — Illuminati Ice

July 12, 2017

This is the the live social page of the illuminati ice page. When the product is launched this will then be an active page on the site. Don't forget to like and comment

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Illuminati Ice 003 — Loading Strategy

June 23, 2017

Need to load quite a lot of things for this so thinking of a sweet loading strat with a lock for people to get into the special group. this will take loading in itself but will be worth it. these are gonna keep coming so watch this sp...

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Illuminati Ice 002 — Landing page

June 12, 2017

Was working with someone the other day on this project, Ice cream for the brave. More to come... https://www.instagram.com/danmonty123/

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Illuminati Ice — Typographic product page

March 19, 2017

Was looking through some of my old stuffand foiundthe beggingings of a esign for an icecream place i was doing at uni. thought i would take a look at it again and give it a different spin. Check out my other work https://www.instagram...