18 Shots

App list reworking

FMA App-List

March 06, 2012

Fma header reworking

FMA Primary Nav Reworking

March 06, 2012

New fma nav and subnav

New Fma Nav & Subnav

February 28, 2012

How it works

How It Works for Data Sheet

February 23, 2012

Untitled 1

FMA UX Revamp

February 06, 2012

Social dribble

Social Share on FMA

the new and improved social share feature in the footer of freemyapps.com. Still a WIP

February 01, 2012

Fma alert message 8

FMA Alert Message - v2

December 21, 2011

Freemyapps alertsystem

FreeMyApps Alert system

Working on getting the alert system working a little better on FreeMyApps today. Not sold on the type yet. But it is defiantly much better then the default i...

December 21, 2011