1. Customize your Box ecommerce receipt picker radio button grid ux mobile ui product design curology skincare custom customizer
    Customize your Box
  2. Product Recommendations loading sign up product page ecommerce onboarding ux ui mobile startup product design
    Product Recommendations
  3. Product Page Concept ecommerce faq reviews product page checkout illustrations scroll desktop product figma
    Product Page Concept
  4. Personal Info Request - Intake Form skincare privacy policy form mobile startup ux ui product design ccpa curology
    Personal Info Request - Intake Form
  5. Personal Info Request - Dashboard privacy request data support dashboard emr skincare curology startup ux ui product design
    Personal Info Request - Dashboard
  6. Collapsed Checkout Flow shopping cart payment verification progressbar progressive disclosure collapsed modules button button animation confetti checkout
    Collapsed Checkout Flow
  7. Improving Cancellation Flow flow cancel startup ux ui product design
    Improving Cancellation Flow
  8. Curology Home + Explore Page product design ux ui app design app cards search explore home information architecture navigation carousel
    Curology Home + Explore Page
  9. Phone Consults - Patient Scheduler ux ui product design telemedicine scheduler bookings medical dashboard doctor calendar curology booking
    Phone Consults - Patient Scheduler
  10. Phone Consultations - Provider View booking phone call doctor telemedicine medical sketch ux ui calendar scheduler dashboard curology
    Phone Consultations - Provider View
  11. Product Page Parallax Effect effect parallax app platform ecommerce products subscription purple motion beauty cleanser moisturizer skincare curology mobile ui mobile design mobile product page
    Product Page Parallax Effect
  12. Curology x PayPal ux startup ui product design forms finance skincare curology payment
    Curology x PayPal
  13. Curology's First Hackathon startup illustration typography visual design skincare fashion shirt design team branding design shirt tshirt hackathon curology
    Curology's First Hackathon
  14. Parallax Card web app skincare curology ecommerce card parallax
    Parallax Card
  15. Happy Halloween from Curology gif ghost halloween typography illustration ui animation product design
    Happy Halloween from Curology
  16. Error Screens 404 error page acne curology ux error 404 error illustration landing page product design 404 page
    Error Screens
  17. Debut + Timer Exploration picker timer time
    Debut + Timer Exploration
  18. Welcome Screen Exploration uiux digital design medical curology acne welcome splash app mobile design product design
    Welcome Screen Exploration
  19. Emojis for Dashboard illustration outline simple minimal visual design icon design iconography icons product design emoji
    Emojis for Dashboard
  20. Takeout
  21. Pop-up curology postcards peach animation gif pop-up heart
  22. Email Headers flat design pages yearbook pen coffee laptop
    Email Headers
  23. Superbottle comes to rescue skincare cream bottle skin animation gif mint
    Superbottle comes to rescue
  24. We've Got You Covered! email header illustration purple sun leaf ladybug
    We've Got You Covered!
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