1. Financial platform - payments financial material design platform simple ui wallets
    View Financial platform - payments
    Financial platform - payments
  2. Time zones widget chrome extension simple teaser time timezones ui widget
    View Time zones widget
    Time zones widget
  3. Launch - Released bookmarks chrome extension new tab preview simple tasks ui
    View Launch - Released
    Launch - Released
  4. Launch - Chrome extension chrome extension new tab simple teaser ui
    View Launch - Chrome extension
    Launch - Chrome extension
  5. Launch - interaction animation chrome extension interaction new tab ui
    View Launch - interaction
    Launch - interaction
  6. Launch - New Tab page chrome chrome extension extension new tab photography simple ui
    View Launch - New Tab page
    Launch - New Tab page
  7. Airbient Timeline, map and routes colorful map route screens simple timeline ui ux
    View Airbient Timeline, map and routes
    Airbient Timeline, map and routes
  8. Airbient Current air quality air quality airbient colorful screens simple ui ux
    View Airbient Current air quality
    Airbient Current air quality
  9. Airbient Onboarding screens air pollution colorful emoji mobile app onboarding simple ui
    View Airbient Onboarding screens
    Airbient Onboarding screens
  10. Emoji icons emoji emoticon icons smileys
    View Emoji icons
    Emoji icons
  11. Portfolio redesign colorful flat minimal portfolio redesign ux white space
    View Portfolio redesign
    Portfolio redesign
  12. Dew on mobile - coming soon app coming soon dew flat mobile simple ui weather
    View Dew on mobile - coming soon
    Dew on mobile - coming soon
  13. Login screen clean flat login simple ui
    View Login screen
    Login screen
  14. Warncast app concept flat simple ui weather
    View Warncast
  15. gluco dashboard diabetes gluco healthcare simple ui
    View gluco
  16. Dew - logo design dew logo rain drop simple sun weather
    View Dew - logo
    Dew - logo
  17. Dew - A simple weather web app simple ui weather web app
    View Dew - A simple weather web app
    Dew - A simple weather web app
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