Design Maker

February 01, 2019

Rebound Grabient - Landing Page from @Eddie Lobanovskiy Feel the rainbow 🌈🌈🌈!

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New York City Tour Website

January 09, 2019

Landing Page Concept for NYC Tourism Website.

Emotional Design

November 15, 2018

Design Challenge Day 30/30!! Thank you guys for your company on my journey:) Thank you so much!


November 11, 2018

Design Challenge 26/30 Minimalistic BMW Product Detail Page :) BMW motorbike is truly a beauty and beast!! I made this page for my favourite motor brand of all time!

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One Night

November 02, 2018

Design Challenge Day 23/30. One Night: a travel agency that tailor the the best night experience for her customers. I trend to include more subtle transition into the interaction that enhance the hierarchy of the content.

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October 26, 2018

Design Challenge Day 21/30. Long time no see:) I am jumping back to my design challenge. I bring you AVAVA: an online food store for greens from local farms.

Photography Meetup Group Dashboard

October 06, 2018

Hi, guys! Now I'm back and stronger than ever!! Thank you for your support :) Design challenge 17/30. This design is inspired by flicker and mac os dark mode. I imagined this would be a digital platform for local photographers to hang ou...


September 25, 2018

Design Challenge Day 16/30. Long time no see! I have been busy last week. Now I am jumping back and bring something new this week :)

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