Fitness App Concept

October 11, 2018

Hi, guys! long time no see! I miss you :) This time I bring you MOVE a fitness app that focuses on daily planning and tracking your progress. Design challenge 19/30. Have an awesome day, everybody!!!

Flatiron buildfing guide

Flatiron Building Guide

October 07, 2018

Welcome to New York! Design Challenge 18/30: Something different :) First time try principle and I love it! May post more design with interaction in the future. Thank you for watching :)


September 16, 2018

As an all-time fanboy of Leica, I pay my tribute to the timeless design of Leica! Design Challenge 14/30.

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Colourful Days

September 15, 2018

Colourful Days is not your everyday calendar or weather app. It's both and more. I explore using various gradient related to the content. It's part of my 30-day design challenge day 13/30. Have a good day!

Roman Holiday/ Nostalgic Movie Channel

September 13, 2018

Turn back time to good old days! Film Noir is a live streaming channel that broadcast movies from over 50 years old, mainly Black and White. As part of my UI exploration, I used black and white plus Gold recreating a sense and feel of th...

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Uber For Buses

September 10, 2018

An idea that using uber like features for bus stops. Passengers who wait at a bus stop can notify the bus driver to stop for them at the bus stop. Passengers can also use this app to see the status of the driver and leave a review.

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Uber eats design concepts

September 08, 2018

I love Uber eats using green as part of a distinctive brand, but I didn't see much green in their UI. Nothing is perfect. This is a concept where I introduce the more intuitive feature and hierarchy.

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September 07, 2018

Nomos is a German Luxury Watch brand. I love the minimalisttic design and excellent colour combination. I redesign this UI with the golden ratio and grid system which is originally inspired by the design of the watch itself.

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