1. Music Player || DailyUI 9 mobile ui music player ui design daily 100 challenge
    View Music Player || DailyUI
    Music Player || DailyUI
  2. 404 page || DailyUI ui design illustration 8 daily 100 challenge coffee 404 error page
    View 404 page || DailyUI
    404 page || DailyUI
  3. Piece of cake chocolate illustration birthday cake
    View Piece of cake
    Piece of cake
  4. Happy birthday cake chocolate november illustration birthday cake
    View Happy birthday cake
    Happy birthday cake
  5. Halloween pumpkin animation dribbbleweeklywarmup animation spooky season pumpkin halloween
    View Halloween pumpkin animation
    Halloween pumpkin animation
  6. Wolverine | Spooky night night dribbbleweeklywarmup illustration pumpkin wolverine halloween
    View Wolverine | Spooky night
    Wolverine | Spooky night
  7. User profile & Settings || DailyUI health app doctor appointment ui design figma 007 006 daily 100 challenge mobile ui settings user profile
    View User profile & Settings || DailyUI
    User profile & Settings || DailyUI
  8. Wine bottle || Poster poster illustration season autumn grapes leaves wine fall
    View Wine bottle || Poster
    Wine bottle || Poster
  9. App icon || DailyUI figma ui design logo design daily ui dailyuichallenge 005 coffee shop app icon
    View App icon || DailyUI
    App icon || DailyUI
  10. Calculator || DailyUI 004 switch button figma mobile ui dailyui daily 100 challenge calculator
    View Calculator || DailyUI
    Calculator || DailyUI
  11. Landing page || DailyUI sport yoga figma ui design desktop design dailyui daily 100 challenge 003 landing page
    View Landing page || DailyUI
    Landing page || DailyUI
  12. Checkout || DailyUI checkout coffee shop daily 100 challenge 002 dailyui mobile design ui design figma
    View Checkout || DailyUI
    Checkout || DailyUI
  13. Sign up || DailyUI figma dailyuichallenge 001 dailyui sign up mobile ui ui design
    View Sign up || DailyUI
    Sign up || DailyUI
  14. Google Mystery || School project exploration map treasure hunt google mobile app design figma ui  ux
    View Google Mystery || School project
    Google Mystery || School project
  15. Artips app redesign || School project art app redesign concept mobile app design figma ui design
    View Artips app redesign || School project
    Artips app redesign || School project
  16. Wikipedia redesign || School project redesign concept website grid wikipedia desktop figma ui design
    View Wikipedia redesign || School project
    Wikipedia redesign || School project
  17. Sherlock Holmes || Book Cover Weekly Warm-up book cover sherlock holmes book dribbbleweeklywarmup mockup vector illustration
    View Sherlock Holmes || Book Cover Weekly Warm-up
    Sherlock Holmes || Book Cover Weekly Warm-up
  18. Sahara || Postcard Weekly Warm-Up camel postcard sahara desert weekly challenge weekly warm-up illustration
    View Sahara || Postcard Weekly Warm-Up
    Sahara || Postcard Weekly Warm-Up
  19. Toy Story 4 poster mockup poster pixar disney carrousel forky toystory illustration
    View Toy Story 4 poster
    Toy Story 4 poster
  20. Smart Watch battery smartwatch laptop vector illustration
    View Smart Watch
    Smart Watch
  21. Mulan Mandala magnolia springtime flowers girl illustrator mandala mulan
    View Mulan Mandala
    Mulan Mandala
  22. Shop page || School homework shop artist desktop ui design figma
    View Shop page || School homework
    Shop page || School homework
  23. Artist story || School homework desktop figma ui design website artist
    View Artist story || School homework
    Artist story || School homework
  24. Talent page || School homework figma artist desktop ui design
    View Talent page || School homework
    Talent page || School homework
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