VR UI Prototype

July 05, 2019

Created a WebVR prototype as part of the design & development process for AllSeated, before implemention into Unity. This allowed us to get a real sense of depth and scale, while allowing us to test animations, peripherals and transi...

AllSeated VR - Lobby UI

May 29, 2019

The UI for the grand lobby where users can select venues and rooms to explore and plan in VR. Once the UI, modelling and environment had been established, we created a VR prototype to allow their team to better understand spacial awaren...

Mountain View VR

May 28, 2019

Creating a series of tranquil landscapes for another project in VR. Built in Unity 3D using volumetric fog, dynamic lighting, water effects, particles and heaps more. Trying to add subtle layers of immersion, including changing weather,...

AllSeated VR - Venue Selection Lobby

May 24, 2019

As part of our project for AllSeated VR we modelled a grand lobby where users can select a venue to explore from the 3D UI that appears. We aimed to make this an open tranquil space, flooded with ‘natural’ light, subtle birdsong audio p...

WebVR Concept Car

May 21, 2019

Set up a WebVR environment to help with prototyping for a racing game I'm piecing together. Next up is the interior. 🏎 You can view the live 3D demo version here - http://cjspencer.com/vr-one

VR Concept Car

May 09, 2019

Setting up a VR scene that allows users to explore a selected car.

Vr ui

XR UI Prototype

August 28, 2018

Updating my VR prototype with new features as I learn them – it's quickly becoming a repository of useful code snippets in separate scenes for quick prototyping. Here I've tried to use the scene's dynamic lighting to add a real drop sha...

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Solar vr

Solar VR

August 24, 2018

Excited to share my WebVR game prototype! Using C4D and A-Frame to build 3D scenes and test quick animations before rebuilding them in Unity for more 'gaming' controls. Next up on the learning front is incorporating a UI to enable playe...

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