Sow dribbble

Saint of Warfare BF3 Platoon Emblem

December 02, 2011

Another one to add to the list. To much fun. Did this one for buddy Travis. Join up! And see you on the Battlefield! Comments and suggestions most welcome.

Atod dribbble

Are Those Our Dogs?

November 30, 2011

I am a hardcore BF3 fanboy, but form time to time I do jump on COD with friends and play. We are always saying "Are those our dogs? when dogs get thrown out, since we never know...its an ongoing joke. Anyway we came up with this emblem i...

Rnf dribbble

Relax & Play Platoon Emblem

November 14, 2011

So I am having alot of fun with these BF3 Platoon emblems. This is another in my platoon creation series, for another platoon I run with in BF3 - called Relax & Play. Check 'em out and join up!

Dribbble recon

BF3 Recon Platoon Emblem

November 10, 2011

Did this for my step bro's platoon on BF3, he likes Recon and wanted to keep the skull as a central theme. I have fun doing these. Love to see what I can do with limited layers and tools. Fun times. Of coarse this one has had texture add...

Thecrew dribbble

The Crew - BF3 Platoon Emblem

October 26, 2011

So just wanted to share my Platoon Emblem for BF3 with everyone. For those BF3 (Battlefield 3 for non gamers) fans, they have added a platoon maker in the Battlelog. Part of making your Platoon is creating your own emblem from a set of p...

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