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Coach's Eye Analyzer Updates

Some visual and interaction updates to the famous Coach's Eye analyzer. This is definitely our most refined version yet.

April 15, 2016

Record button

I was actually working on a record button today when I noticed this playoff. Thought I'd throw my work into the mix!

October 11, 2012


Twitter button

A big 'ol Twitter button I'm working on for a sharing workflow in Coach's Eye. This is the unscaled, 2x size. The ON state is on the left, OFF state on the r...

June 11, 2012


Loading Door Transition v2

After feedback from other dribbblers and some friends, I made some updates and landed on this as the final design for the Coach's Eye camera initialization d...

May 14, 2012


Help Arrow

April 20, 2012


Coach's Eye Controls

A close up shot of the version 1 controls in Coach's Eye. The palette can be spun to select other tools and the wheel at the bottom allows people to flick th...

April 18, 2012


Coach's Eye Record Button

This is the new record button that I'm working on for Coach's Eye (www.coachseye.com), a sports video analysis app for iOS. Someday it will have slick animat...

April 05, 2012


Loading Door Transition

Work in progress: Building a simple animation that can be used to show when the camera has finished initializing (or other very short initialization wait per...

April 03, 2012