Follow group

Follow Group

April 29, 2012

yet another peek


Topic Results

April 28, 2012

peek at the topic / category results page WIP

Homepage updated

Homepage updated

April 28, 2012

The page is starting to fill out featuring recent coaching activity and testimonials.

Registration key

Registration Key

April 25, 2012

Working on a revised version of the registration timeline I was using. Do you prefer this over the more minimal previous shot?

Register with facepile feed

Register w/ facepile feed

April 25, 2012

Register form peek w/ @Antoine's facepile suggestion. Created with the Focus Lab team

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Facebook login

Facebook Login

April 25, 2012

Log window with Facebook sign in option.


Revised call to action

April 24, 2012

Thinking about simplifying the main button and possibly sliding text in on rollover. Thoughts?



April 23, 2012

Happy customers, ignore the dummy text. Except for @Chris Bowler's company name =)