LABS Identity

January 23, 2017

A flashback to the work we did with our friends at @InVision last year. See more here: --- Looking for a creative agency? We would love to hear from you. Email us O...


August 30, 2016

A look at one of the visuals I really liked but cut from the evolution process during our work with @InVision LABS. See more here: --- Looking for a help with your identity/brand? We woul...

Testing Stuff

August 29, 2016

Testing a new mockup tool 🔨 If you haven't seen our work with @InVision check it out here: --- Looking for a help with your identity/brand? We would love to hear about your needs. Email us...


InVision LABS Brand Identity

February 09, 2016

So the secret is finally out! We've been working closely with the @InVision team for a while now on their newest venture. We put together a little InVision Board for you all to showcase some of the behind the scenes stuff. Check it a...

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Client Present + Video

December 01, 2015

No project is complete without a nice little surprise thank you gift for the client. We had our friends at Tinkering Monkey craft these beauties! Full case study: Bonus: Team members @Alic...

LABS - Caffeinated

September 24, 2015

So this is not a coffee brand buuuut these bags were a great way to showcase the beauty of the system. Even the material of the package fits the brand vibe perfectly. Note on the icons: they are meant to be inconsistent in weight. That's...

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LABS - Black & White

September 23, 2015

Testing the black and white look. Full case study:

LABS action

September 22, 2015

Having some fun playing with a new photoshop action @Alicja Colon created for the LABS branding photography styles. Full case study: The photograph is from the @Sidecar Agency Bundle http...