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by Bill S Kenney

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Bamboo Branding Wall Piece - not flat

New client present for BambooHR just arrived. Another bang up job by Paula from TinkeringMonkey.com Dimensions: 6ft w Stand by for more photos. Props to M...

June 12, 2013

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Brand Book Icons

Nothing like placing some @matt yow icon work :) Branding book is continuing to grow and looking good. Stay tuned for full feature of the printed copy, proc...

May 11, 2013

Brand Book

Another look over my shoulder as the new BambooHR brand book evolves :) Created with the Focus Lab team

May 09, 2013

Bamboohr Brand Book

Brand book is coming along nicely. Stand by for full project case study and tons of photos / images :) Created with the Focus Lab team

May 07, 2013

Brand Book

Working out the new BambooHR brand book that will encompass the new branding work we did for them detailing the company values, mission, voice etc. This th...

May 04, 2013


Email (GIF)

Just working on some simple email templates for the new BambooHR brand. Slapped into a 5 second wire of an email app for context. Created with the Focus La...

April 07, 2013

Email Reminders

Continuing down the tour page and finishing out the last couple reveals. Props to @matt yow for his icons and @Charlie Waite for his baldness. Created with...

April 05, 2013

Slide for Happiness

More work from @charlie and I on the new BambooHR website. Note: not pixel perfect yet, while we are just working out the proof of concept. Created with...

April 02, 2013