The Organized Home

February 14, 2018

Late in 2017 we helped Remodelista launch a third site focusing around smart storage solutions for every room in the house. Called The Organized Home! This is the final homepage we settled on. Featured content sitting at the top followe...

Remodelista Awards Submission

July 20, 2017

Every year the Remodelista and Gardenista teams run their considered design awards. Allowing users to submit their amateur and professional design projects for others to view and vote on. This is one of the designs for the awards single...

Remodelista Design Travel Map

July 19, 2017

Another part of the Remodelista project was to build a far more engaging travel directory for travelling users. Inspired by Airbnb's and Doorstep's map views—this is what we came up with. Imagine you're travelling to San Francisco, and ...

Remodelista Firm Profile

July 18, 2017

One of the goals of the Remodelista project was to redesign the firm directory. It provides a resource for people to discover architects, landscape designers, interior designs (and so on) for their next remodelling project. We redesigne...

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Remodelista Manifesto

July 17, 2017

Part of the Remodelista project we recently launched, was to design a manifesto page to help convey the 10 beliefs of the editorial team. We came up with this long, clean typography focused template you can see live here! Checkout the ...

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Remodelista Search Overlay

July 14, 2017

Part of the brief for the Remodelista project we recently launched, was to design and implement a more powerful search to help visitors quickly find the most relevant content for their remodelling projects. We opted for a full screen ov...

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