Adobe XD vs. Sketch

December 07, 2018

Redesigning a product page in Adobe XD instead of Sketch. I'm impressed by the speed of the application but not so sold on the features, missing lists and other text options.

Maps in Illustrator

September 11, 2018

I have been working on vectorizing a Google map for a client making use of the Appearance panel and predefines styles for the roads and signs. I had some inspiration by this tutorial on the appearance palet in Illustrator https://design....

Systeem oplossingen   anim

Floor and roof solutions

July 10, 2018

Short animation of vectors I created to illustrate floor and roof insulation products in construction.

Rollups Eurabo

June 14, 2018

Creating a series of educational rollups for eco construction.

Design Guideline Eurabo

June 14, 2018

Company branding guidelines for consistency across all brand elements for online and offline use.

Systeemoplossingen anim 800x600

Systeem oplossingen

May 24, 2018

For Eurabo's new website, I created system solutions to illustrate the different ecological products each system needs in construction. I had fun creating this little gif animation :-) - -

20120907 eurabo iconen website 400x300px

Eurabo Icons - eco construction materials

September 07, 2012

almost ready with the icons for a product website redesign

20120302 logo outlines


March 06, 2012

Redrawing an existing logo in Illustrator. I've put circles on the outlines to avoid straight lines and to give the leave a bit more dynamics