Mad viking

Mad Viking

December 16, 2011

Logo concept



December 09, 2011

Working on a watercolor drawing

Keeping it cold

Keeping It Cold

December 07, 2011

Keeping the bottle cold. Still have some work on the reflection of the bottle

Mad viking

Mad Viking

December 03, 2011

Working on a logo name and icon concept

20111007 overview textures


October 07, 2011

i made a collection of 15 textures available for download on my site:

20111005 redesign bene 2

Menu items

October 05, 2011

trying some watercolor effects as a background for menu items - for a personal redesign project

20110524 banner landschap

Bannering landscapes

October 05, 2011

constructing shapes to a landscape for a background in a banner

Boy girl

Girl versus boy

August 05, 2011