Text effects in Photoshop

April 09, 2014

I wrote a short tutorial on how to apply text effects in Photoshop http://www.bene.be/blog/comments/creating_text_effects_in_photoshop

Pencil Contest

December 11, 2013

Here's my submission for the "Win a Pencil" contest for creativeskills.be - the portfolio and jobs site for the creative ones ...

Portrait Charlotte

May 11, 2013

working on a little avatar for a birthday card for my 7 year old daughter


January 29, 2013

working on a slideshow in Keynote for a training i will be giving shortly.

Robot Final

December 07, 2012

reworked the shape of the robot. I wrote a tutorial on my blog about how i did this in Illustrator: http://www.bene.be/blog/comments/drawing_a_robot/ You can download the file, feel free to comment or give me some tips :)

Christmas Robot

December 05, 2012

My son asked me to draw a robot. I'm making a christmas robot out of it :)

20120712 summer holidays

Summer Holidays + little animation

July 12, 2012

i wrote a little tutorial on a css3 animation i made to announce we're taking a summer break. Here it is: http://www.bene.be/blog/comments/summer_holidays_are_here/