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Sophia's self-paced online courses let you complete general education courses on your schedule and then apply them toward your degree program. Illustration work

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Courses for teams

December 03, 2018

For Sophia Learning, I created these team course illustrations for upcoming classes. -- Just found out the video mp4 upload on Dribbble. I placed these illustrations in Photoshop and animated these in the timeline. Export and render to v...

Art history Toetanchamon's mask

March 28, 2018

Drawing the new Art History artwork for the online course:

Public Speaking

March 27, 2018

Created the public speaking illustration for the course: Sophia's Public Speaking course will take the learner through all of the stages of developing a speech, from preparation to rehearsal to presentation.

Art History, Pantocrator

March 26, 2018

Working on the Pantocrator illustration, a mosaic from the Byzantium period in art history. Reworking the 'Introduction to Art History' on the Sophia site:

Sleeping Cat Procreate

March 07, 2018

From the moment I bought myself an iPad Pro, i am experimenting with my sketches in Procreate and trying out all type of brushes. I created a set myself that you can buy at Creative Market -

The Essentials Of Managing Conflict

February 02, 2018

The illustration for 'managing conflict' is online, you can take the course at:

Sophia Capella University

February 02, 2018

I updated the hero illustration for the Capella University College Courses. The desktop version and the mobile versions can be seen here:


December 05, 2017

WIP - Philosopher. For this one I worked in Procreate on the iPad. A complete different approach compared to Illustrator. Please press L if you like it and comment below.