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by Barthelemy Chalvet

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Flooz Screens

Hello Dribbblers, Last year I worked for an amazing project called Flooz. It was a lot fun to work with my friends of Flooz Team. Also, I attached many ani...

January 05, 2015

Case study

Case Study

Hey Dribbblers, Here's quick case study for this flooz app. Check it out on my Behance. There is some cool animations :-) Twitter / Behance / Instagram Do...

June 17, 2014


Update Flooz App

Hey dribbblers, I made some improvement on this awesome app. What do you think ? Twitter / Behance / Instagram CREDIT: Gesture touch by Areus Wade Down...

May 06, 2014


GIF - Website

Hey, All design is done. :-) It'll be online in few weeks. Stay tuned ! Twitter / Behance Download on App Store

January 24, 2014


GIF - Account

Hey dribblers, I working hard on this app. Everything is almost done (development include). So exciting about it. Stay tuned Twitter / Behance Download on...

January 16, 2014


Gif - Fiche

Hey guys, Here's a concept for payment card. Twitter / Behance Download on App Store

January 07, 2014


GIF - Workflow Payment

Hey guys, After many and many concept to make a new payment, we chose this one. Easier. Twitter / Behance Download on App Store

December 18, 2013


Gif - Timeline App

Hey, I working on many and many animation for this app. Its easier for client and developer. What do you think about this one ? Twitter / Behance Download...

December 11, 2013

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