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    @Estera Nicula Good to know we have people out there that read rules for us. I don't care about the likes, I want to know the why and to understand how they communicate thought. So many comments on dribbble are "nice" or "love it". We can do better.

  4. 15 Mar Barak Tamayo Commented on Peachy 🍑 by TIE A TIE by Aiste brand designer

    After knowing to look for a butt I see it but honestly it just looks like a regular peach. The forced connection doesn't work because a normal peach looks exactly the same. Maybe you need to add another twist in there somehow?

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    @Mario Ronci (ManuFracture) Thanks, man. Hope you are doing well.

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    all good points. We are problem solvers and design for communication. Aesthetically pleasing is a bonus to a nice solution.

    Just a note to make sure you get your grammar correct. "You're or you are" especially when positioning yourself as an expert. Words matter just as much as art.

  8. 20 Feb Barak Tamayo Commented on Foremost Seeds (final) by Josiah Jost

    Man I love your work! Well done as always.

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