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  1. 7 Dec
    Barak Tamayo
    Dribbbled Mpire Logo as a rebound of Opening Tags + Bananas Logo
  2. 1 Dec
    Barak Tamayo
    Followed Jay B Sauceda.
  3. 30 Nov
    Barak Tamayo
    Dribbbled HC + Arrow as a rebound of H Arrow Logo
  4. 7 Nov
    Barak Tamayo
    Commented on STORYSETTER // Better Urban Stories

    Man! I just submitted something very similar as a concept for an urban news. Great job as always but curse you at the same time. ;)

  5. 27 Oct
    Barak Tamayo
    Commented on 5th & Carroll Events

    @Twon Pearson has a cool look that would be nice really large on a poster. At smaller sizes it's tough to read. Love the 5 and the &.