Patch iOS - Messaging

October 04, 2018

Hi all, Sharing more stuff from Patch mobile app. You can check all the chat/messaging elements in the attachment. This is part of the whole ios app we designed for Patch.

Patch - Inbox

October 02, 2018

Hi people, Showing more of the Patch project. Here we have a showcase of the inbox. Basically it functions as a chat box more than inbox . Within Patch you can chat with your co-tenants, roommates and your Patch agent. Most of the com...

Patch logo b

Patch - Logo

October 02, 2018

Hi everyone, What do you think of the patch logo. I mean it's pretty straightforward right? Idea was tying up the "p" for patch, and "patch" (purple overlay) of middle ground between tenants and landlords. Fantastic work by @Charlie...

Patch - Logo

October 01, 2018

Hi everyone, Showcasing the logo we did for Patch. Beautiful work by @Charlie Isslander Idea was to figure the use of letter "p" for patch. But also trying to indicate "a patch" of something, so we did a design where we would have a m...

Patch iOS - Onboarding

October 01, 2018

Hi guys, Part of the onboarding for Patch mobile app. Patch makes apartment hunting easier for all Londoners :) Hope you like it. All the best, Filip

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Patch - iOS

September 30, 2018

We worked on Patch. A London based startup aiming to make apartment hunting easier. This is just some of the screens we had the pleasure of working on. Animation by the very talented @crisscross team. All the best, Filip

Patch is coming!

May 09, 2018

Hi, Patch is here. Soon. Soonish... should be this summer. So what is Patch? Patch is a UK based, government supported, deposit payment product. It aims to make apartment hunting simpler, by paying deposits for tenants. Rather than ...

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Patch it up!

January 24, 2018

Hi everyone, We have been working on a great new project called Patch, hailing from UK. Patch takes care of all your deposit worries, and you can focus on renting the right apartment. (seems we are working a lot in this industry :) ...