Reelevant - Case Study

September 13, 2016

Another day, another re-post ;) I'll probably get blasted for forcing so much case studies on you guys, but really want to get some traction on those, do please no hard feelings :) Hey guys check out a new case study we did for Reeleva...

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Reelevant - Behance Case Study

September 08, 2016

Another day, another case study :) Hey guys check out a new case study we did for Reelevant. I had the help of my dear colleague @Charlie Isslander during the project. Please take a closer look at the case study: https://www.behance....

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Reelevant Live!

February 06, 2016

Sorry for the huge delay guys, we are just to busy to share stuff. I know many of you have already visited their website but i'm now officially putting it out there. Anyhow this is the last shot from the 1st phase Reelevant redesigns. ...

Other Inner Pages - Reelevant

January 27, 2016

More pages from the awesome Reelevant Project. 3 inner pages for you to take a closer look at: - Page Builder - Email Intelligence - Right on Time Design by @Filip Justić

Reelevant Inner Pages

January 23, 2016

2 Inner pages from the Reelevant project. Live Analytics and Live Content each dwelling deeper into explaining why is Reelevant a really smart email client :) Check the attach for some pictures @Filip Justić

Reelevant Homepage

January 16, 2016

Hi guys, It's a beautiful Saturday here on the North Adraiatic. I wanted to share a project we did (October, November 2015) for a French Startup called Reelevant brought to you by the team of talented individuals called Kiwup. Anyhoo...