Zora Dash - Tenants (All Versions)

December 07, 2016

Hello everyone, Sharing more stuff from the Process we did for Zora. This is how we built the "Tenants" page. Here you can see who is renting out your space and manage their application. You can see the evolution and information build ...

Zora Dash - Properties (WIPs)

November 05, 2016

Hi guys, We are working on something coolio for dribbble and relates with some course stuff. All that i can say. So i was sifting through some of our previous designs, exploring various phases of our process and decided to share vario...

Zora - Behance Case Study

September 06, 2016

Heya world, Another Case study sees the light of day. This one is for zora. If you don't know what zora is, than check it out here. Please take a closer look at the case study: https://www.behance.net/gallery/42491939/Zora-Ux-Ui Des...

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Zora UI v2

May 11, 2016

Hi guys, Sharing some UI stuff from the project we did for Zora. I'm adding 4 screens here: 1. Tenants - Basically the landlord can see all his active tenants and tenant groups and how they are faring with paying their rent :) 2. Cre...

Zora is Alive!

February 20, 2016

Hey people i'm estatic to say that Zora is Live and kickin. Designed by: @Filip Justić Developed by:@Marino Samanic Go CHECK IT LIVE AT: zora.io

Zora Features Page - Tenants

February 15, 2016

Feature Page for Tenants. Finding and keeping a property as a tenant has never been simpler :) Check the attach for full pixels :) Design: @Filip Justić

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Zora Features WIP

February 14, 2016

Hi guys, Working on Features for Zora. Showing some elements that will be present on the final design. Check out the attach. Design by @Filip Justić

Zora Homepage

February 13, 2016

Hi guys, Zora will be launching very soon. This a quick preview of their upcoming website. I'm offering you 2 versions and you can tell me which do you prefer Homepage 1 or Homepage 2? Design by: @Filip Justić