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Conference calling is a California based company that offers conference calling services.

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CC - Website Exploration

December 08, 2018

Hi guys, We are working with the Conference Calling team to help them updated their website. As part of the exploration process, we went through a couple of styles. Unfortunately, this particular one did not pass the final phase. Chec...

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CC - Hero Exploration

October 15, 2018

Hi guys, Sharing one of the explorations we are doing for the new CC website. We are currently working with them on their new redesign. What do you guys think about this one? Influenced heavily by Ueno's work. All the best, Filip

CC - Homepage WIP - Part 2

March 13, 2017

Hi fellas, Continuing our work on CC project. We are thinking about maybe using a dark footer, but still not sure on that. I'm sharing the whole website as well as some "hero" sections. Not sure which one is the best. Check the attac...

CC - Homepage WIP

March 07, 2017

Hi everyone, We started to redesign Conference Calling website. This is just a WIP so far. Currently exploring how to structure their new website and deliver a more direct ux. I'm sharing just the upper section of the homepage, more w...

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Conference Calling - Pop Ups

October 28, 2016

Hi people, Wanted to show some of the "modals" or "pop ups" for the Conference Calling project. I think they look pretty shabby so wanted to share a shot containing some of them. All the best and check the attach for more :) Deisgn...

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Conference Calling - Recordings

October 15, 2016

Hi guys, Sharing some more stuff from the CC project that we are still working on. This regards to the Recordings menu where the user can view all recorded calls. Basically the user can listen to the calls, download, share, transcrib...

Conference Calling - Manage a Call

September 07, 2016

Hi, So how do you manage a call, once you start a conference call? Easy peasy my friends, you just invite people you want to hear from. You can invite them via email or just via a regular link. Once they are on the call, you can se...

CC - Behance Case Study

September 05, 2016

Hi guys, A repost of the last shot showcasing our first behance case study. Please take a closer look at the: Behance Case Study Design by @Filip Justić Also give us a follow if you like us :) Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Beha...

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