File Management - Free PSD

May 06, 2015

Hey guys, Well just found something i didn't share before, it's a freebie i did in 2014 but still looks pretty nice :) Used the color scheme from first Google Metrics and used icons by Victor Erixon. Check them out. Anyhow you can d...

Analytics Dashboard UI KIT - Freebie

December 08, 2014

Hi guys, Here is a freebie set. We have 2 similar sets, but with different color schemes. The set you see in this shot uses google metrics color scheme, and the other one is inspired by the great Minimal UI KIT by Vincent Tantardini...

Newsletter Freebie PSD

December 02, 2014

Just a newsletter template for you guys to use however you want. If you like simple newsletters than hit "L"

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Dex the man

Dexter's "The Lab" Website Design Freebie + PSD

November 30, 2013

Hya, Little weekend warrior action results in a funny little freebie for anyone interested in some laughs. Anyhow you can download the PSD and do whatever you want with it. The flat icons used are from the FLAT UI by designmodo. ...


Protectly Website- PSD Freebie

November 22, 2013

Was doing some research for a client and decided to create this website freebie. Proteclty is a made up name and logo, i think so. The Shield Icon is from Flat UI by designmodo. You can download and do whatever you please with it. ...

Thank You Sameer ! Here's a freebie.

October 10, 2013

Big Thanks to mr. Sammer Ahmed for the invite. I am very very grateful. Hope you guys will enjoy our modest work :) To express my gratitude towards the dribbble community here is a simple little freebie i...

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