Badges & Stamps

18 Shots

Dribbble Invite Badge

You've got one shot.... to blow the ball, or my mind. Hello there Everyone, I'm sitting on an invite and thought I create this badge to spread the word and...

February 06, 2015


Drift, drift, drift, or die.

Drifted a little away with this stamp, so I made some variations, combining different gestures and this is where I have landed. The gif shows a larger versi...

January 19, 2015

Wurst Works 2014

"So much year, so much shit." Or with other words, I'm putting a stamp on all the lovely shit that has found it's birth and death on my artboard this year. ...

December 10, 2014

FujiSan Mono

Hey there everyone, I made a monochromatic version of this stamp design that I shared somewhen back in a more colorful version, It will be part of my annua...

December 04, 2014

White Deer

AkA Waidmanns Dank Hey there everyone, Just some mark and badge stretching work and I wanted to test how a wooden pattern works within a strict grid. Thi...

November 13, 2014