Project Darkness : Progress 2

March 23, 2016

A day late for posting it (I forgot yesterday) but here is the progress. I wanted another light head to use for testing, so I quickly turned the one on the right. It is rather short, and not entirely correctly proportioned, but it's jus...

Project Darkness : Progress 1b

March 16, 2016

Hey all, unfortunately I've been sick, so I haven't been able to work on the light. Not to mention I missed uploading a shot yesterday. It isn't much, but here's some of the sketches for the light. Once I get over this cold I will get ...

Project Darkness : Progress 1

March 08, 2016

Making a bit of headway - I've got an aluminum template and some cherry veneer that I've got glued up and about ready for the wood version. This is still in the testing stage, seeing what works and what doesn't, but it's moving along nic...

Project Darkness : Sneak Peak 3

March 01, 2016

Woohoo! Finally, something a bit more interesting to look at. This is the alpha model of the desk lamp I am making. Unfortunately, my 3 year old son accidentally squashed it before I got a picture of it turned on :P However, as seen in ...

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Project Darkness : Sneak Peak 2

February 23, 2016

Another week, another little piece to the puzzle. I know right now it isn't much to look at, but I promise things will get more interesting as it progresses - just hang in there :P

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Project Darkness : Sneak Peak

February 17, 2016

Just a teeny tiny little peek at a spare-time project I've begun. Keep your eyes peeled - there'll be more to show in the coming days!

Mini Pendant 001

October 16, 2015

Here is the turned walnut mini pendant from my sketch. I'm not 100% sure what I'm going to do for the light source - I was thinking an RGB LED ring, but haven't decided yet. More to come when I figure it out.


October 15, 2015

Doing some doodles. The one on the right I already have turned out of walnut. Still need to finish wiring it, though.