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  1. 31 May Team
    Commented on Digital painting piece

    @Myles O'Connor

    At first we gather references, textures of grass, water, rocks, dinosaurs are needed.
    After that detailed sketch is being designed with the good deal of elements.
    Then it’s time for color scheme and range. We define the light source and at the same time we realistically imagine where and how the shadows from rocks and plants would drop.
    After all this preparation we render it with large brushes first and will small ones later on. Sky then mountains and finally water with foreground appear there bit by bit.
    When the illustration is finished now it’s time for color correction, here we use adjustment layers and masks.
    The sky is made either brighter or darker, somewhere more contrast is needed etc.
    And at the very end a few strokes of the smaller brush.

    iMac 21.5 / Phtoshop / Intuos 5