Artbees Jupiter Wordpress Theme by Artbees

Jupiter is a WordPress Theme that offers dozens of templates, all of which let you grab hold of the reigns in customisation without any tedious coding.

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March 01, 2017

A new photography template for our Jupiter WordPress Theme. What do you think?


February 27, 2017

You can check out all of our Jupiter templates on this page: Let us know what you think!


February 22, 2017

Thalia template for Jupiter. Check out the demo at:


February 16, 2017

Joi is a colorful template for our Jupiter WordPress Theme. Check out the demo:


February 14, 2017

A screenshot of one of our newest templates, Sarpedon. Happy valentine's day!


February 07, 2017

Another template we've designed for our Jupiter WordPress Theme. Check it out here:


January 31, 2017

Pasiphae is a WordPress template, popular with freelancers, designers and photographers. Click here to see the full demo: Let us know if you like it!


January 26, 2017

Here is another template for the Jupiter Theme. You can check out the full template here: Feedback welcome!