1. Travel Explore — Mobile Responsive iceland norway faroe islands figma login screen travelling login page login form travel agency tourism responsive design explore tour ux design ui design user inteface travel app travel
    Travel Explore — Mobile Responsive
  2. Travel Tours Website travelling figma design concept sea web tourism tour camping travel agency travel app travel colorful ux design ui design user inteface
    Travel Tours Website
  3. Travel App Concept application app colorful ux design ui design user inteface app design saved trip planner trip explore tourism tour traveling travel app travel
    Travel App Concept
  4. Travel Agency – Home Page figma ux design ui design home page sea vacation trip tours tourism travel app travel agency travel colorful user inteface web
    Travel Agency – Home Page
  5. Solar Panel Monitoring App figma ui design ux design application colorful onboarding ui management system monitoring dashboard chart app design user inteface dashboard solar energy solar panel solar app
    Solar Panel Monitoring App
  6. File Management — Dashboard dashboard ui dashboard design colorful chart management system schedule planner updates folder icon folder dashboard template file manager file upload export dashboard figma ux design ui design web user inteface
    File Management — Dashboard
  7. Furniture App Concept figma app interior icons detail page home screen colorful ux design ui design user inteface shopping ecommerce armchair furniture app
    Furniture App Concept
  8. Dashboard & Omnichannel Customer Platform colorful analytics scheduling chat bot chat widget ux design ui design web user inteface omnichannel message crm portal dashboard ui dashboad
    Dashboard & Omnichannel Customer Platform
  9. Pills & Drugs Management App figma app ux design ui design drugstore planner reminder health app health care pills managment drugs medicine medical app user inteface mobile app
    Pills & Drugs Management App
  10. Dashboard – Finance & Taxes colorful search bar toolbar navigation menu chart wallet balance taxes finance app finance dashboad ux design ui design web user inteface
    Dashboard – Finance & Taxes
  11. Meat Shop user inteface market ux design ui design cooking web beef pork foodie mvp recipe food meal butcher shop meat
    Meat Shop
  12. Cooking Platform — Roasted Meat colorful user inteface ux design ui design ui  ux mvp spices seasonings bbq grill recipe meal planner meat web culinary cooking cooking app
    Cooking Platform — Roasted Meat
  13. Meat Category — Search & Filter ui design culinary web user inteface sorting sort by tab tabbar filter search bar ecommerce beef marketplace cooking category meat
    Meat Category — Search & Filter
  14. Cooking Mania — Grill & BBQ web ui  ux ux design user inteface ui design mvp vegetable spice seasoning recipe meal planner meal prep meat grill bbq butcher shop chef culinary cooking app cooking
    Cooking Mania — Grill & BBQ
  15. Recipe – Detail Page colorful chicken uxdesign app uidesign web user inteface concept ingredients meal planner cooking culinary food and drink foodie recipe
    Recipe – Detail Page
  16. Featured Recipes app web figma user inteface colorful featured meat meal planner ux design ui design concept culinary cooking foodie food recipe
    Featured Recipes
  17. Grada  Culinary Platform colorful design website design food app recipes cooking interaction hcd service design web uxui uxdesign ux user inteface uidesign figma app
    Grada Culinary Platform
  18. Culinary Platform user inteface service design ux design ui design concept web food app food healthy ecommerce icons spice sugar mvp platform baking cooking culinary
    Culinary Platform
  19. Grada Culinary Platform Recipes food responsive colorful cooking figma hcd web service design user inteface uxdesign uidesign interface desktop design ui ux recipes
    Grada Culinary Platform Recipes
  20. Cloud Monitoring Software service design web app figma uidesign hcd software design user inteface monitoring dashboard dashboard app uxdesign uxui ux
    Cloud Monitoring Software
  21. Healthy Diet & Product Purchase App colorful service design figma web application app design schedule chart dashboad healthcare ux design ui design mobile diet app purchase food and drink health food healthy diet
    Healthy Diet & Product Purchase App
  22. Zingd Mobile App uxdesign ux uidesign mobile app development mobile application illustration hcd hci user experience userinterface mobile app design mobile design mobile app mobile social friend match
    Zingd Mobile App
  23. Yoga Live class concept promo sports colorful lifestyle yoga concept webdesign website lending figma ux hcd
    Yoga Live class concept
  24. Mi Remote Control Mobile app nightmode mobile design mobile ui ui minimal light dark app night smarttv shadow uiux xiaomi mobile app skeumorphism tv remote control smarthome softui neumorphism
    Mi Remote Control Mobile app
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