Algolia Offline

June 05, 2017

I had the pleasure to work with the @Algolia team on the Offline feature. From my POV, it's something so underrated when you see the potential of it. Take a look for exemple at Spotify or even Google Map! Being able to search without ha...

Search Features Illustrated

June 05, 2017

Some features of @Algolia's search I illustrated blocks in a way the team can reuses those to build marketing landing pages faster. --- 🔎 Take a look at live exemple on Algolia for WordPress 🐦 Follow me on Twitter

Algolia's community

June 03, 2017

Last year, I made this visualisation from the location of the whole @Algolia's community. Always crazy to see the so many people using what you're building for them 😍 -- 🔎 Take a look at Algolia's Customers Stories 🐦 Follow me on Twitter

React UI Components for InstantSearch

June 03, 2017

During my time at @Algolia, I worked with dev team to redesign some components for React InstantSearch. The search widgets feature slick design by default and benefit from the experience of building thousands of search interfaces. It ...

Algolia Illustration

January 11, 2017

Training myself with new styles to illustrate @Algolia with some ideas ✌️ -- 🔎 Take a look at Algolia to run your search 🐦 Follow me on Twitter

Algolia New Logo

December 22, 2016

With a great work of @Sébastien Navizet and myself, we're glad to release a new version of the @Algolia logo! 🎉 We decided to move our timer outside our type to increase the readability of our logo and having a mark next to it so we can...

Only the Very Best for Your Users

July 07, 2016

At Algolia, we're proud of our customers and their implementation! With our Enterprise offer, build a fully customizable, as-you-type search experience on your website to connect your users with relevant search results from the very fir...

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We're part of your team!

July 07, 2016

Small preview of our new Enterprise page coming soon. We make sure every customer have a dedicated Product Specialist and Customer Solution Engineer for implementation reviews, UX workshops, and best practices to ensure you're always ge...