Alpha Icons / Concepts Set

August 14, 2019

Hey guys! Hope you are doing great ;) I've got for you a new batch of Alpha icons today. Now in radical orange. 🍊✴️🧡

Alpha Icons / Marketing Set

August 07, 2019

What about purple? I'm still looking for possible color options. Moreover, the icons are suitable for any color — they are made of a white gradient. The wide choice.

Alpha Icons / Business Set

July 31, 2019

Well, guys, I'm getting closer to making a new collection. The 12 icons pack on a business-related theme is here, and the other sets are just around the corner. Stay tuned!

Alpha Icons / Communication

July 15, 2019

Hey guys! It's a Monday, and I have another three images of Alpha icons series. I'm going more in-depth with gradients and their effects on lines.

Alpha Icons / Characters Design

July 09, 2019

Spending a few hours while playing with forms and shapes of characters for Alpha icons series. I'm not sure these sketches will go into the collection, too detailed and more suitable for illustrations, but it was fun to work with human ...

Alpha Icons / Achievements

July 02, 2019

Hey guys, I did a new shot with three icons in Alpha series, this time about achievements 🏆👍🏅

Alpha Icons / Concepts

July 01, 2019

Another day, another three spots from Alpha icons series.

Alpha Icons / Communication

June 25, 2019

Another shot with three icons on the communication topic from the Alpha icons project. I decided to use gradient lines here - in some cases (take a look at the phone), it looks more interesting than just filled lines with transparency.